"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in"

The Godfather 3

If anyone checked my website over the last few years you would have seen I was no longer taking on new interiors projects. However my lovely & loyal clients just seemed to ignore it and call me anyway! So yes I am back and accepting new work so feel free to call me!

I still have 2 retail stores online as well but I am designing full time again. Look forward to hearing from you!

You can check out my recent design portfolio and then should the mood take you, do a bit of retail therapy. You can find my collection of Hermès Silk Scarf Cushions and links to my other website below.

  • Piggi is my high maintenance gal - what Piggi wants Piggi gets. She loves Gucci & LV more that her bank balance & will spend her last dollar on that perfect scarf.

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  • My sweet nature loving girl who loves getting down and dirty in potting mix, she owns too many trowels to count and owes her gardening prowess to her late Mum.

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There is something about touching an Hermès silk scarf for the first time. They are cool to the touch and perfectly soft and crisp all at once. They have become one of my addictions. I search the world for Gucci, Dior, LV & Hermès scarves to transform (upcycle, recycle & repurpose - sorry SEO made me say it) into headbands, hair accessories and cushions.

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